Case Studies

Over the last twenty years, The Arrington Group has helped many Clients succeed in their business objectives.  Our engagements range in size from a week of consulting to years of service.  For a few of our larger engagements, we’ve asked our Clients to tell us, in their own words, what they think of our efforts and how we helped them succeed.


Winn-Dixie Stores

“Our Data Warehouse was in a crisis.”
— Charlie Weston, CIO, Winn-Dixie

Abstract: From 2004 into 2008, The Arrington Group handled several internal projects for the Office of the CIO.  Serving two CIO’s in succession, The Arrington Group turned around several Information Technology departments and is credited with turning around a large data warehouse project using the existing NCR/Teradata implementation for the project.

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Böwe Bell & Howell

“The Arrington Group’s Attention to Detail is unsurpassed.”
— Dan Parenti, Project Manager, Böwe Bell + Howell

Abstract: Spanning three years from 2002 through the middle of 2004, The Arrington Group helped Bell & Howell (later to become Böwe Bell & Howell) implement a project to centralize reporting for over 1,000 MERLIN postal verification systems in the field.  The project had been attempted by several groups, both inside and outside of the U.S. Postal Service, but the project hadn’t succeeded.  While Bell & Howell constructed the MERLIN equipment, The Arrington Group worked with the internal development group to ensure a scaled, centralized data environment was properly provisioned, tested, and would work with the J2EE/Oracle deployment. The Arrington Group continued managing that environment until moving it to Merrifield, VA, its final home.

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Hosted Solutions

“The Arrington Group just gets it!”
— Rich Lee, CEO, Hosted Solutions

Abstract: Springboard Managed Hosting (later to become Hosted Solutions) was had just acquired a Charlotte data center and was shopping for another data center in North Raleigh.  The Arrington Group performed a due diligence effort on the North Raleigh data center to provide the  Springboard an overview of the facility along with a recommendation on required upfiit. The Arrington Group then managed the project to bring the Charlotte data center on-line while revamping and replacing the existing managed backup software.

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